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Soda fired striped jug

Soda fired striped jug

SKU: 22/06

Combed slip. Rutile surface of orange /yellow breaking to subtle grey tones. Vapour fired to 1300C in a gas kiln.


Soda, or vapour, firing is a firing process where sodium in some form - sodium carbonate or bicarbonate, is introduced into the kiln as a solution when the temperature is at 1250˚C. 


The soda immediately volatises, and combines with the silica in the clay to form a lustrous glaze with often spectacular surfaces where the flame has licked around the pot, taking the soda with it. 


The randomness of this process gives each pot its own unique character.


Prior to firing, the pots are dipped into different clay slips (liquid clay) to give different colours and effects. 


  • DIMENSIONS - Height:

    24 cm


    Please return undamaged in the original packaging within 14 days.

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